About Me

I've always enjoyed creating art and I feel fortunate that I am able to pursue a professional career in animation. I've been freelancing and working for companies for the past 8 years as an animator giving life to digital characters seen in video, software and ads. Recently I have started taking graduate classes at SCAD. When not engaged in a contracted or collegiate project, I continue to develop my skills throught personal projects, tutorials, events, and conversations with my piers. In my off time I enjoy watching movies and sporting events, hip hop music, reading books and just being outside. I future plans are to have a impactful career in animation and to own and operate a studio creating
great works.

Skill Set
3D Character Animation
2D Character Animation
3D Character Rigging
Animatic Production
3D Modeling and UV Mapping
Storyboard Art
Motion Graphics Graphic Art  


(c) 2013, 2016, Paul Brown 3rd